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Co-Editors: Oscar Berglund, University of Bristol, UK, Claire Dunlop, University of Exeter, UK, Chris Weible, University of Colorado, US

Policy & Politics is a leading international journal in the field of public and social policy. It spans the boundaries between theory and practice and links macro-scale debates with micro-scale issues. It seeks to analyse new trends and advance knowledge by publishing research at the forefront of academic debates.

Policy & Politics publishes articles that demonstrate rigour, originality and significance and that have relevance both within and beyond academe. The journal welcomes manuscripts that are empirical, conceptual or theoretical as long as the broader international and comparative relevance of the argument being made is explicit. One of the hallmarks of the journal is the manner in which its articles generally shift from the micro to the macro (or vice versa) by addressing the link between ‘policy’ and ‘politics’. The Journal aims to provide accessible content for academic scholars, policy makers and practitioners across different academic disciplines around the world.

In 2014 Policy & Politics revised its classifications – i.e. the themes that it is most interested in publishing. These are listed below and represent areas that are topical in both the discipline of political science and in international political and policy debates:

  • Citizenship
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Comparative Social and Public Policy
  • Immigration and Ethnicity
  • Critical Policy Studies
  • Leadership
  • Democracy and Representation
  • Local Government and Governance
  • Development Studies
  • Political Economy
  • E-Government and Media
  • Poverty and Social Exclusion
  • Environmental Policy and Politics
  • Public Sector Management
  • Evidence-based policy and evaluation
  • Regulation
  • Executive Politics
  • Security and Risk
  • Family Policy and Welfare
  • Social Justice and Equality
  • Future of the Welfare State
  • Territorial Governance
  • Gender
  • Theories of Policy Making
  • Globalisation
  • Urban and Cities
  • Governance

Policy and Politics is published in January, April, July and October by Policy Press.

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