Free access to Policy & Politics’ most popular articles in 2016

sarah-brown-from-ecprMessage from Sarah Brown, Journal Manager

To celebrate our most popular articles in 2016, you can access them free of charge throughout December and January from the links below.

Our most highly cited and recent articles this year have ranged from research articles such as rethinking depoliticisation: beyond the governmental  which reflects on a reappraisal of depoliticisation, offering a conceptual horizon beyond a fairly narrow state-centric approach; to an in-depth analysis of behavioural change mechanisms such as nudge set against the political context of neoliberalism in the politics of behaviour change: nudge, neoliberalism and the state; to two different case studies examining different aspects of their respective policies and politics: one on the water sector offering a critical evaluation of policy translation across countries entitled rethinking the travel of ideas, and one offering a new framework that both measures and explains policy change within the context of institutional change entitled measuring and explaining policy paradigm change.

Take some time out to catch up on our most read articles of 2016:

The politics of the new social policies: providing coverage against new social risks in mature welfare states

The politics of behaviour change: nudge, neoliberalism and the state

Working-class discourses of politics, policy and health: ‘I don’t smoke; I don’t drink. The only thing wrong with me is my health’

Thematic Review: Welfare regime debate: past, present, futures?

Measuring and explaining policy paradigm change: the case of UK energy policy

Evidence translation: an exploration of policy makers’ use of evidence

Volunteering for all? Explaining patterns of volunteering and identifying strategies to promote it

Health inequalities, social determinants and public health policy

The European Union: an evolving system of multi-level governance … or government?

Policy, politics, health and housing in the UK


Merry Christmas from the Policy & Politics team!


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