Free article collection for the Policy & Politics Annual Lecture: Will Self on The End of Champagne Socialism

On 7 March Will Self delivers the 22nd Policy & Politics Annual Lecture about the end of champagne socialism.

He will examine developments in thinking about socialism over the past half-century – what the rise of Corbyn tells us about British attitudes towards socialism (and by extension capitalism), and what the changes have been in how we conceive – and repurpose – the links between the personal and the political in times of accelerated change.

To mark the occasion we are making a collection of articles that resonate with the theme of the lecture free to access until the end of March:

Resistance or resignation to welfare reform? The activist politics for and against social citizenship
Authors: Edmiston, Daniel; Humpage, Louise

What ever happened to asset-based welfare? Shifting approaches to housing wealth and welfare security
Authors: Ronald, Richard; Lennartz, Christian; Kadi, Justin

Depoliticisation: economic crisis and political management
Author: Burnham, Peter

Just do it differently? Everyday making, Marxism and the struggle against neoliberalism
Author: Stephen Davies, Jonathan

The politics of behaviour change: nudge, neoliberalism and the state
Author: Leggett, Will

Neoliberalism by stealth? Exploring continuity and change within the UK social enterprise policy paradigm
Authors: Nicholls, Alex; Teasdale, Simon

Neoliberalism as an object of political analysis: an ideology, a mode of regulation or a governmentality?
Author: Byrne, Christopher

The lecture is now fully booked, but you can still send in questions via Twitter @policy_politics using the hashtag #askwillself.

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