2021 Impact Factor announcement: Read our most highly cited articles

P&P 2021 EditorsOscar Berglund, Claire Dunlop and Chris Weible
Co-editors of Policy & Politics

We are delighted to announce that Policy & Politics has achieved an impressive result in the 2021 Journal Citation Reports with an Impact Factor of 3.750. This places the Journal firmly in the top quartile of international journals in political science and in the second quartile in public administration.

This fantastic outcome is testimony to the hard work and skill of the previous co-editors: Sarah Ayres, Steve Martin and Felicity Matthews, coupled with the outstanding quality of research produced by our authors, the meticulous scrutiny of our peer reviewers, and the hard work of the Policy & Politics and Policy Press team. We would like to offer our thanks and congratulations to all.

Julia Mortimer, Journals and Open Access Director at Policy Press commented:
This result is a compelling endorsement of the quality of the journal and its value to the scholarly community. We are delighted to see our longest-established journal, Policy & Politics, achieve its highest ever Impact Factor and retain its well-deserved position within the top quartile of political science journals worldwide.”

As the journal’s new co-editors, we are excited about building on the strength of the journal’s reputation yet further, by diversifying the research approaches it features to provide more comprehensive coverage of the field of public policy and public administration. Specifically, we are looking to publish articles that respond to our three guiding principles:

(1) inclusive coverage of public policy, politics and social issues particularly from scholars in the global south;

(2) a diversity in research approaches that includes a range of epistemological, ontological, and methodological positions; and

(3) a receptivity to scholarship for both science and practice.

We invite you to submit your next paper to P&P to experience our unique author services, including competitive turnaround times, clear editorial guidance and support and individual promotion for each and every article published. Come and join us!

Finally to celebrate the achievements of our authors we have created a free collection of highly cited articles. This collection features papers which have contributed to our 2020 Impact Factor as well as more recent papers we feel will promote the journal’s future impact. Explore the Highly Cited Articles collection for free until 31 August 2021.

2020 Journal Citation Report’s highest cited articles – free to access until 31 August 2021:

The lessons of policy learning: types, triggers, hindrances and pathologies [Open Access]
Claire A. Dunlop and Claudio M. Radaelli
Public deliberation in an era of communicative plenty
Selen A. Ercan, Carolyn M. Hendriks and John S. Dryzek
Ones to watch

When design meets power: design thinking, public sector innovation and the politics of policymaking [Open Access]
Jenny M. Lewis, Michael McGann and Emma Blomkamp

Policy labs: the next frontier of policy design and evaluation?[Open Access]
Karol Olejniczak et al.

Policy windows and multiple streams: an analysis of alcohol pricing policy in England[Open Access]
Benjamin Hawkins and Jim McCambridge

Brokering behaviour change: the work of behavioural insights experts in government
Joram Feitsma

Can the governance paradigm survive the rise of populism?
Gerry Stoker

Rethinking the role of experts and expertise in behavioural public policy
Peter John and Gerry Stoker

Co-experience, co-production and co-governance: an ecosystem approach to the analysis of value creation
Kirsty Strokosch and Stephen P. Osborne

Designing institutions for designing policy
B. Guy Peters

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