Policy & Politics at the International Conference on Public Policy #ICPP4, Montreal

Representatives from the Policy & Politics journal team are delighted to be attending the 4th International Conference on Public Policy #ICPP4 at Concordia University, Montreal. We are looking forward to celebrating with our authors, reviewers and board members over our recent impact factor rise to 2.028 which has taken us into the top 20 of all international journals in public administration and the top 50 for political science.

You can read the top cited articles contributing to our impact factor of 2.028 for FREE until 31 July!

Please look out for our representatives around the conference to discuss any relevant articles you are planning to publish. They are: 

Sarah Brown, Journal Manager 

sarah brown

Sarah Ayres, Co-Editor 

Sarah Ayres

Alex Marsh, Chair of the Management Board 

alex marsh

Diane Stone, Consultant Editor

diane stone

Nikolaos Zahariadis, North American Associate Editor 

nikolaos zahariadis

Many of our Editorial Advisory Board members are attending too, including Eva Sorensen, Isabelle Engeli and Richard Simmons, so do approach them if you want to get their views on the journal as a potential publication outlet.

With such incredible variety and impressive quality across the 1,500 papers being presented at the conference, we are looking forward to meeting and discussing research ideas with many of you. The Policy & Politics exhibition stand is located at stand 9 in the exhibitors’ hall in the John Molson School of Business building (MB), so please do stop by to find out more about the journal. We’ll look forward to seeing you.

Sarah Brown, Journal Manager

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