Conference videos now available

Overview of conference

Introduction: Sarah Ayres
Plenary: Professor Chris Ansell  – Collaborative Governance: Why, When and How?

​Introduction: Felicity Matthews
Plenary: Professor Erik-Hans Klijn – Public leadership between ‘front’ and ‘back’ stage
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P&P at the ECPR conference

by Julia Mortimer, Publisher of Policy & Politics

Glasgow was the perfect setting for the European Consortium for Political Research conference last week with the upcoming Scottish Independence referendum taking place in less than two weeks’ time and there was much discussion throughout the conference on the topic (it also inspired our recent post on The Dis-United Kingdom).  Policy Press took part in the publisher exhibition displaying Policy & Politics and a wide range of related books for the 2,500 visitors to browse. Continue reading

How to lead and manage collaborative innovation

Jacob Torfing
Jacob Torfing

In advance of our forthcoming annual conference, plenary speaker Professor Jacob Torfing, Roskilde University, Denmark, gives us a preview of his presentation on ‘how to lead and manage collaborative innovation’.

The current drivers of innovation in the public sector are easy to spot. Internal pressures from budgetary constraints, policy failures and rising professional ambitions of public employees as well as external pressures from demanding citizens and stakeholders, critical publics, inquisitorial mass media and political demand for enhancing the structural or systemic competitiveness of nation states in the face of globalization have all contributed to placing innovation at the top of the public sector agenda where it is likely to stay for quite some time. Continue reading