Policy & Politics favourites of 2021

Thea Cook, Journals Marketing ExecutiveThea-Cook

We wanted to share some of our readers’ favourite content that you might have missed. Please enjoy free access to some of our most read and highly cited articles, along with some of our editors’ highlights from recent issues.

All articles below are free to access until 31 December 2021:

Improving public policy and administration: exploring the potential of design
Arwin van Buuren et al.

When design meets power: design thinking, public sector innovation and the politics of policymaking [Open Access]
Jenny M Lewis, Michael McGann, and Emma Blomkamp

Policy labs: the next frontier of policy design and evaluation? [Open Access]
Karol Olejniczak et al.

Applying design in public administration: a literature review to explore the state of the art
Margot Hermus, Arwin van Buuren, and Victor Bekkers

Designing environments for experimentation, learning and innovation in public policy and governance [Open Access]
Maurits Waardenburg, Martijn Groenleer, and Jorrit De Jong

Policy windows and multiple streams: an analysis of alcohol pricing policy in England [Open Access]
Benjamin Hawkins and Jim McCambridge

Brokering behaviour change: the work of behavioural insights experts in government
Joram Feitsma

Can the governance paradigm survive the rise of populism?
Gerry Stoker

Rethinking the role of experts and expertise in behavioural public policy 
Peter John and Gerry Stoker

Co-experience, co-production and co-governance: an ecosystem approach to the analysis of value creation
Kirsty Strokosch and Stephen P. Osborne

Designing institutions for designing policy
B. Guy Peters

The politics of intersectional practice: competing concepts of intersectionality
Ashlee Christoffersen

Promoting social goals through economisation? Social investment and the counterintuitive case of homelessness
Francesco Laruffa

From policy entrepreneurs to policy entrepreneurship: actors and actions in public policy innovation
Giliberto Capano and Maria Tullia Galanti

Expert knowledge and policymaking: a multi-disciplinary research agenda
Johan Christensen

Who are behavioural public policy experts and how are they organised globally?
Holger Straßheim

The expertise of politicians and their role in epistemic communities [Open Access]
Anne Skevik Grødem and Jon M. Hippe

The limits of localism: a decade of disaster on homelessness in England [Open Access]
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Hal Pawson and Beth Watts

Does knowledge brokering facilitate evidence-based policy? A review of existing knowledge and an agenda for future research [Open Access]
Eleanor MacKillop, Sarah Quarmby and James Downe

Happy reading!

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